Interior Design

Space Plans


You have to look at the overall space plan, flow, layout and make sure that it makes sense and is coordinated. Many rooms are over designed or under designed and they never feel right. Let's get your home feeling right! 



 GOOD DESIGN DOESN’T JUST HAPPEN. It is the result of a carefully prepared and executed plan, resulting from the collaborative efforts of both the client and the designer.



Finishes include everything from tile, paint, wallpaper, trim, flooring, doors, lighting. These are all details that express the personality of the space. They are both building materials and finishes that complete your project. 



Lighting plays a key role setting the mood of a space. Our approach is always to provide several layers of lighting to accommodate the need for illumination for tasks and then the ability to control the ambiance. 

Window Treatments


There are so many options today on how to dress our windows. From roller shades, to woven woods, drapes, shutters and more. 

Window treatments offer privacy and insulation, they help control the temperature of your home. And they are a design feature. 

Art & Accessories


The finishing touches should be unique to you. Your art and accessories can fill the wall space. The best homes showcase a combination of retail items and personal objects and pictures collected through your travels and life.