Our Six Step Process

1 Meet & Greet


Our complimentary consultation is a getting to know each other. This is the time for you to introduce us to your project & ask questions.

The more you tell us the more we can align our process with your goals. At the meeting we will share our observations, ideas and talk budget. It is important for you to feel comfortable with our team and process. 

You have to decide if working with us is 

right for you! 

2 Scope of Work


After our consultation, we will be able to write a scope of   services. Our projects begin with design. This includes exploring the   options of your space, material selections, fixture and finish options. 

Design coordinates and dictates the whole project including the accuracy of construction pricing and then the project management during construction. We value the expertise and professionalism we bring to the   table, and we charge accordingly.

3 Starting Point


Once you decide to work with our company, the process begins! Our first step is to document your space with measurements of existing conditions. We will take pictures, note current utilities and begin property research. 

We will also conduct a final interview session with in depth questions about your space. We want to see your Pinterest boards and magazine tear outs! This helps us to understand your style preference so that our design will reflect your expectations.  

4 Design Magic


Let the fun begin! 

Here is where we pull the whole look together. Options are always part of the process! We start with several space plans and sketches to capture the possibilities, and with your feedback we work to narrow down the direction that will be most functional and beautiful for you.

Through a series of meetings, we will make material and colors selections, finalize fixtures, flooring, etc. and prepare the necessary plans for technical coordination in order to provide your construction pricing. 

5 Pricing


The question on everyone’s mind – how much is it going to cost?

Because we have done all the design work, selected the materials, facilitated technical coordination, did our pre-construction site visits; we don’t have to guess! We know what it will take to build your project and thus can create a true budget. 

We pride ourselves on our process which allows for a budget that reflects your project not an estimate of work. Also! At this point we can move right into the construction phase. 

6 Build


Our end goal is in sight. Once you sign a construction contract with us, we start the build portion. 

Your project manager stays with you from beginning to end. They will have a standing meeting with you do give you updates on what has been accomplished, what will happen in the week to come. This keeps everyone informed and ready. 

There are a lot of materials and installers that we are coordinating to keep your project on time and budget. We appreciate the opportunity to build your dream.